Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Meaning of CHRISTmas in today's world !

Exactly what is the meaning of CHRISTmas in today's world? I think in today's world we have forgotten what that truly means. We all know of Jesus Christ birth and how he came to bring peace and salvation to all others'. Though every year it seems that more and more people buy in to the hustle and bustle of buying gifts, forgetting about what the story is truly unfolding.
This year I made a point to not buy as many gifts as I have in the past. While I was contemplating what to buy for my loved ones, I stopped and said "What if there not here next year" ? What would I say to them this year just in case that were to happen? I think this year it was not about coming up with a list of tangible gifts but more about practical gifts and warm affections towards one another. Say for instance, this year I gave my Dad a gift that he could not even read allowed. I believe this touched him so much that he decided to take a moment and read this in a quiet place and absorb the meaning of that letter. Nevertheless, being thankful and truly showing this appreciation ways far greater than something monetary.
I know that we should give some gifts because Christ was given them on his birth. However, if this is going to cause unruly characteristics in someone such as rudeness, impatience, and greed, I would rather by small gifts that come more from the heart than gifts that always compete with others. People lose the meaning of Christmas when they have no time for Christ, the one who gave them life to share in these special moments.
I hope this Christmas, you thought what it would be like to give your gifts to the homeless, or save money for a underprivileged family? I think, if nothing else we should make time for both! May you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

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