Sunday, April 6, 2008

2008 Stimulus Rebate Schedule

The stimulus rebate schedule was announced for those filing by April 15. Taxpayers who utilize direct deposit on their 2007 tax return will be first to receive the rebates.

Direct Deposit Payment- Based on the last two digits of your SSN, the following are the planned deposit dates into the taxpayers bank account:
00-20 May 2
21-75 May 9
6-99 May 16

For those not signed up for the direct deposit method, the dates are as followed to receive a paper check.

00-09 5/16
10-18 5/23
19-25 5/30
26-38 6/6
39-51 6/13
52-63 6/20
64-75 6/27
76-87 7/4
88-99 7/11

To accommodate people whose tax returns are processed after 4/15, the IRS will continue sending weekly payments. People who file tax returns after 4/15 and receive their economic stimulus payment in about two weeks after receiving their tax refunds, but not before the date they would have received their payment if the return had been processed by April 15. To ensure taxpayers receive their stimulus payment this year, they must file a tax return by October 15.

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