Wednesday, May 7, 2008

E-Filing vs. Paper- Filing

When in doubt, paper filing is always the best way to file your taxes rather than E-filing. The IRS would much rather you E-file because paper filing causes the IRS rep to sit and input data line by line on all tax returns. E-filing auto populates a red letter perfect return that can draw attention to errors. The one advantage of E-filing is that it takes 1-12 days to process vs. three weeks by paper. However what this does is increases your changes of being audited by 4 months . Did you know that the IRS has 14 months (August 15 of the following year) to decide who is selected for audit? So why would you e-file and draw closer attention to you even sooner? I think I will take my chances on getting my money later rather than being audited !

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