Monday, June 30, 2008

Stimulus....where are they going now?

Just when you thought the disbursement of stimulus checks was going to go smoothly, the US Treasury Department intercedes. According to USA Today, about $2 billion in economic stimulus rebate checks are being confiscated to pay overdue bills for child support, student, student loans and back taxes. According to the government, about 1.8 million rebate checks have been intercepted by the Treasury Department, showing where individuals owe money to federal or state governments.
The people who benefit the most from this are those that are owed child support. But just to note, the Internal Revenue Service has mailed 77 million checks worth $64 million more than half the expected total. However, before a stimulus check is sent out a weekly lists of delinquent Americans that owe money is given to the Treasury Department.
All and all, this is a nice bonus for the families and children who need and deserve it the most. According to Mike Adams, head of child support at the Tennessee Department of Human Resources, his state has received $8.5 million of expected for unpaid child support,
Taxpayers are however notified, explaining why they got a reduced payment or none at all.Consequently, the diverted money is sent directly to the family or government agency to which is owed.
In my opinion, this type of action should be mandatory at the end of every tax year. What a great way to give back to those who have gone without for so long !

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