Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What Does An Employer Do After A Lock In Letter Has Been Issued

As an employer, after I lock in withholding on an employee based on a lock-in letter from the IRS, what do I do if I receive a revised Form W-4 from the employee?A4: After the receipt of a lock-in letter, you must disregard any Form W-4 that decreases the amount of withholding. The employee must submit for approval to the IRS any new Form W-4 and a statement supporting the claims made on the Form W-4 that would decrease federal income tax withholding. The employee should send the Form W-4 and statement directly to the address on the lock-in letter. The IRS will notify you to withhold at a specific rate if the employee’s request is approved. However, if, at any time, the employee furnishes a Form W-4 that claims a number of withholding allowances less than the maximum number specified in the lock-in letter, the employer must increase withholding by withholding tax based on that Form W-4.

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