Saturday, January 31, 2009

How Do you know if you qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief?

All the facts and circumstances below are considered in determining whether its inequitable to hold you liable. Some of the factors include:

*The taxes owed are your spouse's or ex-spouse's
*You are no linger married to that spouse
*You thought you spouse would pay the taxes on the original return
*You didn't know about the items changed in the audit
*You would suffer a financial hardship if you were required to pay the tax. You would not be able to pay for basic living expenses like food, shelter, and clothing
*You did not significantly benefit (above normal support) from the unpaid taxes
*You suffered abuse during your marriage

However keep in mind that you must file no later than two years from the sate the IRS first attempted to collect that tax from you.

You are an injured spouse if you share of the overpayment shown on your joint return was, or is expected to be, applied (offset) against your spouse's legally enforceable past-due federal taxes, state income taxes, child or spousal support payments, or a federal non-tax debt, such as a student loan. If you are an injured spouse, you may be entitled to receive a refund of your share of the overpayment.

If you think you qualify for Inniocent Relief, contact a repuatable tax debt company for assistance and relief of this burden

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