Monday, April 20, 2009

Do You Need Outside Assistance With Your Taxes?Need To See Someone Locally?

Though I feel it is best to contact a reputable tax resolution firm for tax preparation and tax resolution matters, it is not always needed for when you need to visit a tax assistance center in person. If you can't seem to find a reputable tax resolution firm, you may want to contact or personally visit your local Taxpayer Assistance Center.

At the Taxpayer's Assistance Center, you will find no appointment necessary, just walk in for assistance. If you find yourself culturally challenged with language barriers, don't be alarmed because they are multilingual services in over 150 languages. The Taxpayer Assistance Center will also help you prepare your tax return for free for those whose income is less than $42 k. The center is also a place for those who are currently in an installment agreement or who would just like to make voluntary payments. The only information you need present with you is the tax period and the type of payment it is for.

If you have received an IRS notice, please bring it to the center as well, as they can see what tax years and the current tax liability owing, as well as assessment issues and auditing purposes.The center will also have tax returns and account transcripts as well as tax forms for those that may (say for instance) want to prepare their return themselves, or file for extensions on tax returns.

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footbolito17 said...

i have been relying my trust with regards to my tax to my attorney...not even once i got a problem with them...

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