Monday, November 19, 2007

Need Help With Your Taxes

I recently took a job job with a company (Effectur) that is in the business of helping those who need a tax resolution. We have eperienced/well trained tax-consultants who are available to assist anyone who has debt.If you are like me, before I took this job, I had several questions concerning how to fill out my W-2 when starting employment with a new company. I personally feel that kids (of the appropriate age of comprehension) need to learn about real life applications that will help them be more prepared in the real world. Simple questions like the difference between W-2 (wage earning form) and 1009 (business forms)? I am amazed of the number of people that can't seem to differentiate between the two. If you have burning questions, and need IRS help. I encourage you to investigate the different terms just for your own common knowledge.

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