Monday, October 6, 2008

Helio Castroneves: Another Case Of Celebrity Tax Evasion

Dancing With The Stars” winner and professional race driver Helio Castroneves has been indicted on conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and tax evasion.

Castroneves, his sister and his attorney are accused of trying to conceal Castroneves’ money to avoid paying the taxes on all of it. Castroneves won the dancing title in the fall of 2007 during season five. He might be a great dancer, but he is terrible when it comes to paying taxes.

As of October 3:

Former Dancing With The Stars winner and race car driver Helio Castroneves pleaded not guilty to tax evasion on six counts. Castroneves, his sister and his attorney are accused of trying to conceal $5.5 million of Castroneves’ money to avoid paying the taxes on it.

We heard a similar story of indiscretion where celebrity/actor Wesley Snipes was prosecuted as a result of being ill advised or just plain untruthful. Nevertheless, he evaded paying taxes on earned income that was transfered off shore. At the end of the day, tax evasion is a crime, and one where these individuals are justly accused. Moreover, the embarrassment is devastating them both personally and professionally. Why should these individuals that are suppose to be role models be let off the hook so to speak. Besides, those that are affluent should pay their taxes just as civilians do in which make a lot less income.

Every year just around the time tax returns are due, the IRS is looking for such celebrities to indite on tax evasion. Money made in the US, that have been transferred to foreign shores are still subject to income tax. Those that participate in this are in part stealing from the IRS ; the IRS deems this as a dissipated asset which can bring about serious repercussions if caught.

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Wally said...

I didn't know Helio was in trouble until you told me the other day. I'm glad you bloged on this. Its a little early for him to be a poster child for the IRS, but rest assured he will be front page news for tax time next year. The IRS is drooling again!