Monday, October 6, 2008

Tax Evasion:Paying Cash "Under The Table"

Paying Employees in Cash-

Paying employees, whole or partially, in cash is a common method of evading income and employment taxes resulting in lost tax revenue to the government and the loss or reduction of future social security or Medicare benefits for the employee.

Unfortunately, with the unprecedented decline in our economy, withholding money from those who benefit from social security and medicare is a travesty. To me, paying cash under the table is just mere stealing from the government and from those that benefit from the rest of us paying taxes on our earned income.

Businesses that can't afford to put people on the payroll and pay payroll taxes, (failing to pay payroll taxes), we would in a lot better financial shape. Just because a business owner feels they can't afford it, does not make it right, it just makes you (as a business owner) richer.

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