Monday, August 11, 2008

Taxpayers Assistance

In 2005, Congress requested the IRS develop a five-year plan for taxpayer service. The IRS implemented the Taxpayer Assistance Blueprint (TAB) project as a two-phase effort designed to answer questions about the service needs and preferences of individual taxpayers. TAB is a collaborative effort of the IRS, the National Taxpayer Advocate and the IRS Oversight Board.
TAB Phase 1 included significant stakeholder and employee engagement, as well as preliminary research relative to taxpayer needs, preferences and behaviors. The TAB Phase 1 report, delivered to Congress in April 2006, included a baseline of current taxpayer services and outlined key strategic improvement themes.
TAB Phase 2 built on the themes identified in Phase1 with extensive additional research, including taxpayer surveys. The significant stakeholder engagement begun in TAB Phase 1 continued throughout Phase 2. The TAB Phase 2 report was completed after careful analysis of a large body of research and a rigorous quality review process to ensure that conclusions and recommendations were supported by the data. Because of the extensive research completed for the Blueprint, IRS now knows more than ever before about taxpayer needs, preferences and behaviors.
Delivered to Congress in April 2007, the TAB 2 report outlines the Strategic Plan for taxpayer service that will help us enhance the services we deliver to taxpayers and partners. The Strategic Plan includes:
A comprehensive portfolio of service improvement recommendations.
A sound implementation strategy to ensure that taxpayer service remains a key consideration in IRS budget and strategic planning processes.
A recommended set of future research studies to further enhance understanding of taxpayer and partner service needs, preferences and behaviors.
A governance structure to facilitate and monitor implementation of TAB recommendations.

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