Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No IRS Prefferential Treatment for the Hollywood Stars !

Last night while watching 20/20, I learned a great deal about just how unfair our society can be towards the rich and famous. It appears that the more attractive and more affluent you are in society, the more perks you get in life. Hollywood stars are constantly being offerred free dinners, drinks, apparel, and electronics. You name it they receive it, and for free. Why is it that they can afford to buy it with the fortunes they already have but continue to get these perks? Those less fortunate are unable to purchase these lavished gifts; why shouldn't they be due these acts of kindness because of their lesser fortune?

The one change that businesses and other designers will see is the tax they will incure on "swag" gifts issued to those Hollywood stars on the star studded runways of award ceremonies. As a civilian, it is incomprehensable that one person's presence alone can be doused with lavish gifts such as diamonds, watches, ipods, versace dresses..... However, business owners will soon feel the wrath of the government and be shown that they too should be taxed on gifts like everyone else. This is one area where your name and prestige make no difference.

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