Monday, September 15, 2008

When Should You Make Estimated Tax Payments

Who Should Be Paying Estimated Payments?

1) People who are self-employed.

2) People whose non-wage income is increasing (or expected to increase)

3) People who've done well on the stock market or with their other investments.

4) People who've gotten a healthy inheritance (or other windfall), with assets that produce

Anyone else ....well, if you are receiving wages, you can easily talk to your tax pro about manipulating your payroll tax withholding so you never have to make estimated payments.

When Should You Be Making Those Payments:

1 Qtr. is due by April 16 (When the 15th is on the weekend or a Federal Holiday)

2 Qtr. is fue by June 16

3 Qtr. is due by September 15

4 Qtr. is due by january ou can 15

If you have questions concerning preparing your business tax returns, contact a professional licensed tax preparer that you can TRUST !!

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