Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Being Compliant With The IRS

What is being compliant with the IRS mean?

The IRS requires you to have all of your returns filed (Buisness/Individual) as a prerequisite to a resolution. Secondly, paying your taxes is considered being compliant with the IRS. Tax Consultants at Effectur Inc. can help get you compliant on all of your income and payroll taxes as well as your returns that need filing. It is imperative as a business to stay current on all your tax payments i.e. estimated tax payments (sole-prop) and or Federal Tax Deposits.
The Internal Revenue Service have two departments that enforce collection on those who are perpetual late filers and owe back taxes. Those departments are Revenue Agents and Revenue Officers. Revenue Agants, handle/review filed and unfiled returns, file Substitute For Returns, make assessments and conduct Audits. Whereas the Revenue Officer and ACS (collection dept.) collect on assessed balances asn ensure past,present and future compliance on all you invidual income and payroll taxes and return filings.

If you owe taxes and need IRS tax relief, Effectur can help with the above concerns.

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taxrep4u said...

My job would be so much easier if more people understood the importance of compliance. It saves money and stress!