Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Refund...What will you do with yours?

As you may have already heard, President passed a bill that will grant all employed individuals (single and married) to recieve an additional amount from the government in 2008. Those that are married will receive a check for $1200; those single will receive a check for $600. The president passed this due the fact that the economy is going through such a recession. I personally feel that we have been in a recession for quite some time but the government will not admit to that. Eventhough the will not admit this, I can understand why they are taking this approach. If you were to publiclly say this, the nation would go into a panic, causing the people of our nation to conserve their resources even more.
I think the president is trying to stimulate the economy by issuing this suppliment to the working public. My question to you is what will you do with this money? Those that are in tax debt probably would'nt think about giving away "free money" back to the government. If you owe the government, they may apply this refund back to your tax liability.Henceforth, owing the government is not beneficial in away. There are licensed tax consultants that can help you get into a resoluotion or better yet file your returns wiht the hopes of lowering your liability. I encourage to contact a professional such as Effectur Inc to help resolve your tax delinquency today. And remember, that in order to receive your refund check (by spring/summer), you need to file your 2007 income tax return !

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