Saturday, February 16, 2008

IRS Parody Of The Inches:Any Given Sunday !

Here at Effectur, we work hard everyday asa team to see that our clients are taken care of. We feel that it is a diservice not inform the clients the importance of being compliant with their taxes. Recently, some of our employees wrote a script (a parody from the movie Any Given Sunday) and submitted it on U-Tube. This parody talks about what its like for a Revenue Officer to work in conjunction with the collections department towards a common goal: Working towards levying accounts, seizing assests, for those delinquent taxes filers and payers !
Revenue Officers work together inch by inch to see that perpetual tax payers learn the importance of stealing from the government and in some case other employees.It is a crime to have dissipated assets hidden from the IRS.Revenue Officers and Revenue Agents work to seize every opportunity in attempting to collect all the taxes owed "one inch at a time".

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taxrep4u said...

This video is really a hoot! Especially if you know the reference from the original movie!