Saturday, February 9, 2008

Collection Process

Those who owe back taxes with the IRS are not considered compliant and can be considered as having a serious irs tax problem.If a payment plan such as an Installent Agreement (full or partial pay) is not met, then a levy or tax lien can be placed on the account.There are several notices sent, in the following order i.e. CP 501,503,504,L1058. In defense of the IRS, taxpayers have a considerable amount of time where they can attempt to find a resolution for their delinquent tax problems. Therefore taxpayer's should not be surprised when wage or bank levies are enforced ! The IRS has to take action at some point, or taxpayer's will abuse the governments genorosity. If a lien is placed upon your account and a Revenue Agent examin's your account, where he finds dissipatee assest; you have to report this to the IRS immediately. Hiding assessts is not favorable upon the IRS.
If you have experieced this enforced action, or you are just in question on how to get immediate action from a group of trained tax consultants...act now !

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