Saturday, February 9, 2008

Liens, Levies and Tax Evasion

Did you knw that a lien is increased by 10%;if you owe back taxes, you have a lien. Even if the CSED (Expiration Date) balance expires, the IRS can reduce a lien to a judgement and reinstate the the CSED. Most people are terrified of getting caught for tax evasion. When a lien is placed upon your property, and you transfer that assett into someone else's name or trust;be prepared for to serve time for tax evasion. The IRS thinks unfavorably upon hiding debt and will have an IRS Revenue Agent to seize your asset. I have been in the tax consultant industry for a very short time. However, I am finding more and more examples where of the enormous amounts of taxpayer's with IRS tax problems. There is tax amnesty out there to help you feel confidennt of a your tax debt relief !

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