Saturday, February 16, 2008

Penalties, Interest & Your Taxes

It one thing to not file and or pay your taxes, but its another to not think there will be ramification for doing so. Think of the IRS is being like a bank, where when you borrow money there will be penalties and interest you have to pay on top of that ! The IRS veiws it as you stealing money from the governement. Therefore you will need to pay those balances in addition to compounded interest to compensate for the "loan so to speak" that you were issued. The longer time goes by, the more these penalties and interest accrue! There are several types of penalties in conjunction with compounded interest; they are as followed:

*Penalties for not filing your tax return
*Penalties for not paying your taxes
*Penalties for filing your returns late

All in which impact the bottom line of what you as a delinquent tax payer will owe. It is imperative to become acutely aware of the serious implications this will have upon you as a taxpayer. There are present companies that can help you diminsh some of this tax debt;trained tax consultants at Effectur just waiting to help you today !

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